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Welcome to Lipstick & Lunges Monthly Fitness Group!

A fitness group by women, for women, which will become your best-kept secret!

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Ever wondered where all the top fitness tips, quick-glance food lists, fat-loss recipes and metabolism-boosting workouts are kept?

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Fat-loss doesn’t’ have to be a puzzle. Are you ready to crack the code and piece together your own personal blueprint which you can use again and again? That’s a Lipstick & Lunges kind of life!

What do Lipstick & Lunges members receive?

Instant access to downloadable, printable:

    •    Fat-burning/Muscle-building workouts (no gym required and Mandy will help you one on one pick the one BEST for your personal needs)

    •    Fast, simple recipes (no fancy ingredients)

    •    Weekly mini challenges to win FREE prizes

    •    Incredible fat-loss lifestyle bonus material

    •    LIVE 1-1 online support with Mandy

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The Lipstick & Lunges Fitness members group is a goldmine of information; everything you need to succeed with fat-loss, training and smart nutrition. 

Discover the tips and tricks which make up that elusive final 10% which will take you beyond traditional training and nutrition.

I’m Mandy Irizarry, founder and creator of Lipstick & Lunges Fitness. This is my (other) baby, but it’s not a solo effort. It’s a network of 1,000s of women worldwide. And that’s where the unique strength and value of Lipstick & Lunges Fitness lies.

You already know how amazing we are when they get together. Imagine the collective strength of a community of smart, focused, determined women from across the world. But wait, you don’t need to imagine it – be part of it! It’s exactly what you’ll find at BeyondFit Life.

The Lipstick & Lunges Fitness community, supported and guided by me, is a formidable resource. Body fat really doesn’t stand a chance up against our professional knowledge, experience and accountability.

It’s no wonder Lipstick & Lunges Fitness members succeed in their fat-loss journeys. It’s hard to see how any one of us could fail! We’ve all got each other’s backs, 24/7, all year round.

The Lipstick & Lunges Fitness group is a private, welcoming and busy with discussions from women just like you: moms with new babies, women busy with young families, executives with stressful jobs and everything else life throws at us! Together we make a great support network, and together, we get results!

Join now, and discover how to participate in exclusive Transformation Challenges!

To join Lipstick & Lunges Fitness group – click the button below and fill out the information form. Once its received, I will be in touch with you to discuss which program package would best suit your lifestyle and your goals.