The Keto Unicorn

"Forget the Risk, Take the Fall, If it's Meant to Be, It's Worth it All!"

Don’t lie; we all know you’ve spent more than one lunch break trolling through the Instagram feed looking at glossy models internally whining, “Why can’t I look like THAT?”

We’ve ALL been there.

Whether we want to admit it out loud is another story 😉.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Well ain’t that the damn truth!

Women come to me every day for coaching because they’re over feeling like crap and quite frankly are sick of comparing themselves to others. They are done listening to the voice in their head that tells them they’re not good enough or that IF they looked a certain way everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) in life would change. They want to put themselves first, and finally not feel selfish about it.

​Whatever it means for you to feel beautiful—at any size, in any outfit, on EVERY day,

let’s make it happen for you.

Let’s celebrate your every victory—big or small.

Let’s create a community of ladies who pick each other up—not beat each other down.

I hope through this site that you gain a whole new outlook on life—that you will be able to find the beauty, even through the messy shit. I’m here to empower you, help you find security in your skin, put yourself on the pedestal you have probably always placed others, to make you feel less … alone.

So blow some confetti in the air, pull your favorite black dress out of the depths of your closet, go for a long run, wear sweats + watch Netflix, buy the bag you’re coveting, go topless to work (okay maybe not that one😉)

BUT do you, babe!


My girls are the reason I get to do my life’s work,

and frankly, many of them NEVER thought they could feel the way they do now.

I’d adore nothing more than for you to feel the same + join our beautiful squad.

I cannot wait to meet your sexy little self.